“I do not accept a second place United States of America.”

Things from the State of the Union that didn’t but should have made into the previous piece:

  1. I probably should have found a way to include “I do not accept a second place United States of America” in the post, somehow. It was a great line.
  2. We still haven’t fully gotten rid of the Wall St. vs Main St language.  I wish we would.
  3. I was surprised by Obama’s sarcastic “while we’re at it” comment, but I like the sass.
  4. As a law student, I was really happy to hear that the student loan repayment proposal is set at 10% of your salary and that public service jobs can stop repaying after 10 years.  (here’s hoping)
  5. He decided to use the full name of Iran – the Islamic Republic of Iran. I thought this an interesting, yet subtle message.
  6. Obama asked to double exports within 2 years.  My question – of what? More of just anything? Isn’t it better if we focus on specific industries or exports rather than just anything?
  7. Government should be a “mirror image” of its people. Agreed (more on that concept in a future post).
  8. It’s kinda interesting that the Republicans broke from tradition and had a mini-State of the Union from the VA House of Delegates from VA Governor McDonnell.  I didn’t watch it, but it was worth mentioning.

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