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President Barack Obama

For some reason this picture has always fascinated me.  As a New Yorker subscriber, I have always been satisfied with the skillful stories, excellent writing and not-so-subtle bias for which the magazine is famous.  Left-thinking people probably use the New Yorker as a barometer or mirror of the political landscape in this country.  Right-thinking people undoubtably view many sources, of which the New Yorker is one, as just another example of the liberal media. However, the best approach is to read them all. Read as much as possible.  Read whenever you can.  And when you can’t read, listen to a podcast.  Personally, I consume as much as I’m able.  Politically, I try to balance my consumption as best I can.

One of the hardest things about my interests is finding time to consume all the great writing, researching and publishing that is going on right now.  This is particularly true in the area of current events and politics.  There’s always another column, blog or website to check.  And depending on where you are in life – grad school in Boston, working on the Hill in DC or launching a new venture in New York City – there’s a feeling that one should always be more in touch or better read.  In fact, I suspect many of the commentators and bloggers today simply spend all day reading and commenting across the Interweb.  I’m jealous.  I’m a devoted Slate Political Gabfest listener, struggling New Yorker reader (they just come so often), and constant headline gazer, yet I’m woefully inadequate when it comes to absorbing all angles on a story.  Nevertheless, I’ll do my best to tie my blog into the large national conversation whether on the left, right, center or fringe.


One response to “Just for fun

  1. Potter – I like your take on the VOLUME of information out there. I begin every morning by quickly scanning headlines online (clicking into those that interest me, and leaving the others alone), and find that if I do not set a time limit I would be surfing or opening related links until the evening.

    I have two different takes on this. First, I think, our founders would be proud. For a group of men who waged a Revolution with messages on horseback, the printing press, and lanterns, it would do them proud to see how far the access to free speach has extended.

    My other side screams “OH GOD – any person with internet access can pose as an expert on any issue (as I am demonstrating now). Although, I would never move to censor or scale back a persons right to free speech, I must admit I find it frustrating when public policy is altered by nothing more than a country-wide version of the game telephone. “Did you hear … Obama’s gonna set up Death Pannels?”

    I guess I am in a pickle between media rights and facts …?

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