Sarah Palin.

I’m not sure if another article about Sarah Palin, however obscure or brief it may be, is really what we need.  So, it’s with hesitation that I attempt to offer a few quick thoughts.

  • Sarah Palin fans – do you know what she believes? Have we ever made her be specific (other than “drill now, drill here” and “lift the American Spirit”)? Can she govern, including: creating legislation, working with Congress and managing international relationships?
  • Sarah Palin haters – is she really as dumb as you think? I mean, she was the Governor of a state and seems to be able to give a speech in public (generally speaking).  Isn’t it possible she’s playing the system and recognizes that her “character” is popular?
  • Republicans – is this really the image and figurehead the GOP wants representing its national interests? Is she the future?
  • Democrats – is she really worth attacking?  I mean, the joke tells itself.
  • Independents – tell me she’s not the exact opposite of the type of “outsider” we’ve been hoping for in national politics?
  • Moderates – what is your view of the candidate, author and public speaker? Can she be considered moderate on anything?
  • President Obama – Seriously, I’d love to know what you and Rahm talk about in private.
  • Media types of all shapes and sizes – is covering her worth it?  Is she the Brett Favre of politics? The word from ESPN is that anytime a Brett Favre story airs – the ratings skyrocket.  Apparently this is why we continue to be inundated with Favre stories.  Is this why Palin continues to make headlines? Are Americans paying attention?
  • Liberal media types – do you think the right strategy is mockery?  Doesn’t belittling her say something about you too?
  • Conservative media types – isn’t it dangerous to give Palin an unqualified and unquestioned defense? Doesn’t she deserve some good-faith scrutiny?
  • News-watching Americans – what is the attraction? Why is Palin such a popular/polarizing figure?
  • Palin’s So-called “Real Americans” – is it true that she’s able to embody your class frustration? Are elitists dominating America? Do you feel patronized and under-represented? Or are you searching for the anti-Obama and she’ll do for now?
  • Reader (assuming you’re still reading at this point) – ask yourself, what do you think?

Since her emergence into national politics, Sarah Palin did instigate some productive questions for me.  What do I value in a political candidate? A President? Does she represent the “new” Republican Party? Or is she the “old” Republican Party? Is she the future of politics?

I guess the only thing I’ve determined is that she creates more questions than she answers – literally and figuratively.

One response to “Sarah Palin.

  1. I don’t like her or hate her. I don’t think she’s earned either sentiment yet. I also don’t like how she quit the governor office. She’s done nothing to earn the adoration that she receives and done nothing do deserve the scorn she gets. I think one feeds off the other. People on the right see some of the over the top attacks on her and that makes them like her even more.(If the left hates her this much then she must be great) The people on the left see the love she gets from the right and attack her even more because of it(If they love her this much then she must be horrible.)

    I don’t like this new world of amateurs for President. I like new candidates for congress, but the President, in my opinion needs a lot of experience not only in politics but in life because the Presidency is a difficult job that requires a lot of judgment. I don’t think President Obama was experienced enough, I think Hillary was a better choice for President. I don’t think Palin has done anything to be in the Presidency discussion and the talk of Scott Brown is ridiculous(even though he would have the same amount of time in the Senate as Obama did if he ran)

    I’m not going to say that a Prez should be 80 years old but I agree when Hillary said will Obama be ready for the 3am phone call.

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