Romney to Tea Party – Conform!

CNN’s Political Ticker reposted a story where Mitt Romney tells Tea Party candidates to get in line.  According to the article, “Mitt Romney has a message to Tea Party candidates nationwide: If you lose your Republican primary bids, stay on the sidelines.” Once again, those with political power sing one tune – conformity.  I also noticed it was interesting that Palin, Romney and others are not offering Tea Partiers anything in exchange for conformity and as evidenced by CNN’s blog, are dismissive of libertarians.  So, it’s basically, thanks for coming out and please put all your political thoughts second to getting a not-Democrat elected.  Great.

Honestly, it’s an uncreative and unimaginative response.  Instead of embracing a clear movement toward lower taxes (and possibly smaller government), Republicans seems determined to force the Tea Party into the old, arguably out-of-style, GOP. I think the same mentality that many older generations have toward technology is analogous here.  As we change and progress culturally, I wish the political parties (especially the one not elected as the majority) would be more open to new ideas and innovation.  Relying on politics as usual, simply to get back in power and win an election, is a recipe for mediocrity.  And this strategy is so short-sighted that it aims only to win Congressional races in 2010 and perhaps an outside shot at greater success in 2012 depending on the success of the 2010 mid-terms.  It doesn’t build a lasting foundation or attempt to innovate for the future.

Ironically, I’m not convinced that the Tea Partiers have a lasting political agenda either.  So, perhaps, you’re reading this thinking – “well, Romney is smart enough to recognize a passing fad and not get caught up in it.”  I concede, that could be the case here.  It doesn’t seem to me that either party is doing much of anything to expand their horizons or attempt to understand the political culture outside Republicans vs. Democrats.  I’m reacting to that tired refrain of “it’s always been done this way” and the implied “we know what’s best for everyone” mentality.  Play hardball, dismiss everyone who doesn’t agree with you and aim to win the next election.  In the end, it minimizes politics and with it, any possible solutions too.

Some things never change.

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