Brooks, Master of his Craft

Brooks does it best and today is no different:

Getting Obama Right

“Liberals are wrong to call him weak and indecisive. He’s just not always pursuing their aims. Conservatives are wrong to call him a big-government liberal. That’s just not a fair reading of his agenda.”

I’m not going to add or detract from this with my own thoughts, because agree or disagree, he puts it on the table and makes people think.  The only other thing I will say is something my Dad told me about a job he had as a labor negotiator.  When both parties leave a contract negotiation slightly unhappy, it’s probably a good deal.  Meaning, one side is not more happy than the other and both feel like they gave up too much for an agreement.  These agreements are likely to be the most successful.  The impression I got from this piece was that the country is viewing the Obama administration and Obama, the President, the same way.  Everyone is a little unhappy but no one group feels like another is getting too much.  Granted we aren’t seeing as much signed legislation as a result but I see what Brooks is saying about the advantages of Obama’s approach.


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