Bloggingheads: Avant-Garde Politics

If you’re not familiar with Bloggingheads, The New York Times posts a brief conversation from two insiders regarding some topic of politics or current events.  This one was particularly interesting because it cuts to the heart of the transition that I believe is happening in American politics.  I have been watching and thinking about this shift as the fiscal conservatives and Tea Parties try to come to terms with the Republican Party and how that may or may not happen.  The nice thing about this conversation is that it looks at the same issue within the Democratic Party.

Have Democrats become elitists?

The conservative blogger goes so far as to accuse the Democratic Party of being disingenuous toward the groups they claim to protect.  Once again, however you feel about your political party prior to discussing these issues is likely to determine your conclusion. I thought it was worth looking into and thinking about…what motivates political parties generally and why.

BloggingheadsDavid Weigel, left, of The Washington Independent and James Pinkerton of Fox News debate whether Democrats are ignoring the concerns of average Americans.


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