Convention or Circus?

There is not much I could add to a recent piece titled “How to Sober Up Washington” posted on The Daily Beast by two writers – one left-leaning and one right-leaning.  They are calling for a Constitutional convention under Article V.  I can only imagine the media and political circus that would descend on a modern-day Constitutional convention.  These two are part of an organization called Change Congress and make it clear that money and special interests are a major problem in government.  The money, lobbyists and special interests that would be present and active in and around a Constitutional convention is mind-boggling.

Nevertheless for anyone who feels as though they are on the outside looking in on Washington (most Americans), this is an exciting prospect.  Those of us who believe that the two major parties have stopped listening to voters and are no longer representing our interests – this is for us.  A daydream.  A fantasy.  A brief glimpse into one of the most unlikely events in our history but also one of the most exciting.  According to these two, a convention may be called but requires both houses of 38 states to ratify an amendment. That vote would render Congress’s moot.

I immediately began to wonder about the possibility…How would it be organized? Would it start from scratch or work through bigger problems first, only addressing those that both sides agreed are broken?  Would there be an author, several authors, speakers? Would today’s elected officials be able to participate (seems like a conflict of interest)?  If not them, then who would run it?

It sounds like this would take much organization and create a major headache for everyone.  But I love that about it.  We’d be forced to ask ourselves how much money to spend on things like education, military, entitlements? We’d have to address the growing gap between the rich and poor as well as what we believe are appropriate tax rates.  It would spark smaller conventions in the states that would submit their ideas and approval on various sections and procedures.  A renewal of the American spirit – the same principles, updated.  The Constitution 2.0.

I highly recommend reading this short article and seriously thinking about whether America could handle another Constitutional convention.  What would it mean? What positions are most important to you? What direction is this country headed and does anyone care one way or the other?

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