3 more days

To everyone who reads The Pickle, I appreciate your support and even the e-mails about my conspicuous absence.  It’s true what you’ve heard about final exams in law school.  I’ve taken 2 so far, another today at 1:30 and my last on Thursday afternoon.  I’ve become almost entirely devoted to them this past few weeks and as such, I owe my wife a huge debt of gratitude, quality time and several dinners.  Likewise, I’ve been unable to write anything for The Pickle.  For this, I ask a few more days of understanding.

It’s been inconvenient timing to say the least – AZ immigration laws, oil spills, Sen. Bennett (R-UT) being ousted by his own party, a new Supreme Court nominee and the upcoming primary involving Sen. Specter (?-PA) in my home state.

I look forward to successfully becoming a “rising 2L,” returning to The Pickle and honey, on Friday, I’ll be home for dinner.

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