Dick Blumenthal or a Superhero?

Last night as I was falling in and out of sleep on the couch, I saw a commercial for the Richard Blumenthal for Senate campaign and I scoffed out loud.  Now, that sounds insensitive especially when you learn that the commercial involved a  young boy who almost died from food allergies to his baby formula but the commercial is so over the top that they credit Blumenthal for saving the boy’s life.  According to the commercial, he worked with this family so they could afford very expensive baby formula that the boy, Skyler, could eat.  I’m not sure if Blumenthal enrolled them in a program, got them a grant or simply “made a few phone calls”- the commerical doesn’t say.  Yet, it does include the phrase “Richard Blumenthal saved my life” through a story told by the Skyler’s mom.

I might be working in politics and campaigns someday only to find out that this is how it works.  This is how you win elections.  Maybe that’s true.  Just in case, I don’t want to be overly judgmental, but this level of “cheese” is a bit much even for me.  (And my wife will tell you, I’m a fairly cheesy guy).

I hate it when campaigns, especially commercials, are dumbed down or run entirely on sound bytes.  I know that simple messages and sound bytes are a part of the process but at least make them reasonable.  I think that this commercial, one in a series of 3 featuring real people, is effective in communicating that Attorney General Blumenthal was responsive to the needs of his constituents.  It gets the message across but in a tired and old-fashioned way.  The more I see of this campaign the more I realize that the tactics and strategies are 15-20 years old.

There are other videos on his site and feel free to watch them all and draw your own conclusions.  The video referenced above is titled “Laura & Skyler.”  Please watch it HERE.

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