Linda Claims WWE Is A Real Company

Can you imagine anything so ridiculous? Of course it’s not a real company, how could it be? I mean, have you watched it?  Oh, sorry, probably not. Well, you’ve certainly seen a commercial for it, accidentally, during a re-run of Law & Order: SVU. Well, it’s professional wrestling. Oversized men, in tights, yelling, screaming, and occasionally wrestling.  Surely you’ve heard by now- it’s fake! So, if the show is fake, the company must be a sham too.  How hard could it be to run a sports entertainment company worth billions of dollars?

Linda McMahon isn’t a real businesswoman.  She was only the CEO of WWE.  No biggie.

I was wondering how the Linda 2010 campaign would choose to take on the issue of the WWE and her professional record.  A campaign ad began airing recently here in Connecticut where Linda addresses her experience head-on and defends the WWE as a real company.  It took that commercial for me to realize, “oh yeah, it is a real company.”  If voters or journalists began asking questions about how much she actually contributed as CEO or what her responsibilities were in the day-to-day operations of the company, I would be fine with that.  In fact, I think many would be surprised to find how much Linda and the entire family contribute.  What I find difficult to understand is dismissing her experience outright simply because it was with the WWE.

In the new ad, which can be found HERE on as the video titled “Regular Job,” she feels the need to describe just how big and successful the WWE has been.  And it makes sense.  We associate the product with the company.  But I think that’s a mistake.  The WWE isn’t silly, fake and juvenile.  It’s a billion dollar company that revolutionized sports entertainment.  Don’t believe me?  She also posted more information on YouTube.

Now, does that mean she’ll be a good Senator?


But if we’re going to evaluate her on her credentials and ability, let’s at least do it fairly and honestly.  I think that running the WWE, assuming that’s what she did as CEO, is a substantial accomplishment and should be viewed as such.  It supports her pro-business, entrepreneurial message but does not have a bearing on many other factors that Connecticut voters must consider.  So, it is difficult to tell how her WWE experience will play in certain parts of Connecticut (I’m looking at you Greenwich).  Yet, I think this campaign is much more serious and professional than I ever thought it would be.  In fact, it’s run more like a corporation than a TV show.


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