Politico a few weeks behind The Pickle

Even though Politico’s Ben Smith and Maggie Haberman had a bit more background than I did, Linda McMahon’s business experience is a growing source of attention from the national media.  For example,

“Look, she tamed the traveling show world of professional wrestling, turned it into a global company and created 500 jobs here in Connecticut,” one of the women says in [this campaign] ad.”

Articles will scrutinize and simultaneously promote her business experience.  If it’s possible to simultaneously scrutinize and promote her experience while questioning the legitimacy of professional wrestling, we can expect to see much more of it in the coming months.  On the other hand, the article addressed this issue and turned it on its head:

“Critics, including many social conservatives, express disgust at wrestling’s stream of sex and violence. But Linda McMahon’s allies have been adept at turning any such criticism into evidence of snobbery. Wrestling, after all, is wildly popular in Connecticut and in America.”

What’s interesting is whether McMahon is truly down playing professional wrestling by calling it a “soap opera” or whether she can have her cake and eat it too.  Meaning, she can down play professional wrestling’s questionable qualities (steroids, for example) while playing up the value of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and her role running it.  It will be an interesting dynamic- both how the media handles professional wrestling and how she uses her experience.

It’s kinda hard to figure out if this article is complimentary, informative or both.  Here it is, you decide: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0710/40476.html

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