McMahon wins CT primary

Even though Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal hasn’t really had to start his Senate campaign, he also hasn’t been on the CNN front page. Except, of course, that one time where he claimed to be a veteran of the Vietnam War when he wasn’t.  I mention this only to point out that McMahon had a good run up to the CT primary, won the primary (which was expected since she didn’t have much competition since Rep. Rob Simmons bowed out) and ended up as a national story.

How important is this?

Overall, probably not that much.

I mean the truth is that Blumenthal hasn’t had to do anything, except be Attorney General.  He could sit back, raise money, prepare and wait for the race to begin.  Well, tonight it begins.

Here’s what I can’t figure out- is he laying low because it’s the smart thing to do or because he’s lacking a strategy?

I get so excited about politics, particularly when Connecticut is on the national stage, that I might be equating Blumenthal’s silence with an incoherent strategy or lack of motivation to be this state’s next Senator because I’m looking for a story.  The McMahon campaign did a great job getting energy, attention and a win.  Meanwhile, I heard nothing from Blumenthal.  I guess we’ll find out whether it matters throughout the upcoming campaign…the general campaign, the real campaign. And it begins tonight.

Link to the full front page story:

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