See Dick come, see Linda go…

First, let me apologize for over 2 weeks without a post.  I started law school again (at a new school no less) and it’s been hectic getting back into the swing of things.  I know, that’s no excuse, but still.  Second, according to an e-mail I received from Organizing for America, the Tuesday after Labor Day is the official start to campaign season.  So, if Barack Obama said it, it must be true.

Seriously though, he’s not the one running for anything; so, the e-mails I get from Organizing for America are not as helpful this time around because I’m not inclined to blindly give support/money to random Democrats.  I will, however, consider supporting a candidate in those races where I can vote.  And I will be keeping an eye on all the other states, partly because I fancy myself an amateur political strategist and partly because I am very curious how influential Tea Partyness might prove to be.

Now a quick update about Connecticut.

Since my last post, we have seen Dick Blumenthal come out strong on our television and radio airwaves.  Unfortunately, not every time I heard one of Dick’s voice, it was one of his ads.  That’s right.  It took approximately 5 days for Linda’s campaign to go negative.  And did they ever.  She attacked him for discrepancies in accepting special interest campaign contributions.  She attacked him for inconsistencies on his stance on cutting Medicare spending, which you’d think she would have supported too, but I guess she’s making a larger point about his honesty.  Even if we accept those ads as true, it was disheartening for someone like me to see.

I had high hopes that this campaign could be an honesty and positive campaign between two political opposites.

The truth is the Linda campaign did not have to go negative.  She was an energizing force who brought a new perspective and an interesting voice to the campaign.  She is a Stamford-area billionaire who is attacking Blumenthal/Dodd/Democrats on their handling of public trust and financial issues.  Understandably, she could have gotten a lot of traction without running personal attacks against Dick Blumenthal.

On the other side of the state, Blumenthal has been “staying the course.”  Meaning, he’s still not interesting or innovative, but he’s making endless personal appearances all over Connecticut and sticking to good old-fashioned “I’m on your side” advertising.  It’s unclear if the Blumenthal has a strategy if Linda were to further close the gap in the polls.  She’s already picked up about 9 points since mid-July but remains approximately 9 points down.

Running against the bottomless bank account, Blumenthal may be trying to save his energy and money for later in the campaign.  Or he might be running exactly the type of campaign he wants to- simple, straight-forward and focused on himself.  Or he might treading water and waiting to see how the people of Connecticut react.  I don’t think there’s a right or wrong at this point and no matter what happens with Linda’s campaign he’s got time to play offense or defense as needed.

For now, I think I’ve changed my mind a bit on Linda’s chances.  I saw much potential in her campaign when it first started, but I think the campaign I imagined was not accurate for who Linda the Politician has turned out to be.  The fact that she’s been so negative this early has really turned me off her campaign.  We’ll see what effect it has for other voters here in Connecticut.


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