And then there were 6…

6 Point separate Dick Blumenthal and Linda McMahon in the newest Quinnipiac poll according to CNN’s Political Ticker.  As I implied last time, I thought the gap would close between the two as the election neared.  I did not expect the 9 points to drop to 7.5 (Real Clear Politics) and 6 (Quinnipiac) so quickly.

Now, the Blumenthal campaign can expect to feel the pressure as the press no doubt asks questions of how the polling numbers are affecting their strategy.  Also, Blumenthal’s people can expect the national media to run with any story involving Linda McMahon.  Lucky for Dick, there are so many extreme and off-center candidates this election given the Tea Party’s success that Linda McMahon is not as interesting as she would have been in other years.  Nevertheless, with President Obama visiting the state to support him, Dick Blumenthal had better be prepared for the pressure and tests that come with that spotlight.

3 months ago, it was his election to lose.  Now it appears to be anyone’s game…and we haven’t even gotten to the 4th quarter yet.

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