Mark McKinnon: Palin + Presidential campaign = Bloomberg

The Daily Beast posted a blog entry from Mark McKinnon which teases out a few interesting issues.  This goes back to what I wrote yesterday about the impact Sarah Palin is having on national politics and what her value is for everyone who is not a fan.  McKinnon seems to think that Palin is running for President in 2012, something that I’ve been denying over the past year.  His thought is that it’s just too tempting to resist.  My thought is that she knows she’ll lose the ability to say anything she wants to and have to stop accepting speaking fees from random (possibly sketchy) sources.  She has more power as a pundit and professional campaigner than she ever would if she had to govern. But who knows? Stranger things than Sarah Palin running for President have happened.  Now Palin winning? That would be one of the strangest things I could think of, honestly.

Anyway, here’s the piece, I found it interesting:


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