Long Overdue Posting: A Hypothetical and A Prediction

As a result of catching up in school, a few weekends away and a cold, I’ve failed to post in far too long.  Well, that ends today.  Quick note on two topics – Ginni Thomas’s phone call to Anita Hill and the McMahon-Blumenthal Senate race here in CT.

First, is Ginni Thomas insane? I would say no.  However, the quick reactions of many bloggers and even some mainstream sources ranged from the ridiculous to pop psycho-analyst.  One of my favorites sources of comedy, Saturday Night Live, also happens to be the home of liberal satire (a topic for another post) had the most tempered and funny take on the story on Weekend Update.  Seth Meyers basically mocked Ginni Thomas for bringing up a story EVERYONE but her had forgotten about.

Which leads me to my point…

Is it more likely that Mrs. Thomas is nuts or that there is some rational or practical reason for her call (we just don’t know it yet)?  I usually give most people the benefit of the doubt.  Granted, this is sometimes to my detriment – for example, I spent the 5 minutes after Sarah Palin’s 2008 Republican National Convention speech wondering if she could really be a Vice President.  Those are 5 minutes I’ll never get back. But I digress.

Giving Ginni Thomas the benefit of the doubt, what if she is really concerned about Justice Thomas’s image? There could only be 3 rational explanations in my opinion.  First, she is his wife and call was purely personal because she wants to she her husband vindicated after 19 years.  Second, she understands that history judges men such as Clarence Thomas and she’s looking ahead to his judicial and personal legacy (note: this is least likely).  Third, Mr. Thomas is poised to re-emerge/emerge as a public figure in the law, politics and perhaps even the Tea Party and Ginni is cleaning up his image for 2012.  Wouldn’t he make an interesting choice as Vice President for a far right ticket in 2012?  Sure, he’d have to resign his seat on the bench (possibly allowing it to be replaced by Obama), but he seems to begrudgingly stay on the Court anyway.

Does this make me crazy?  Maybe.

But why have we only heard from journalists and bloggers who either criticize Ginni Thomas or use this as another opportunity to uncreatively attack Justice Thomas.

I’ll take the 1% chance that if he ends up a public figure in 2, 4 or 6 years that I wrote it first here.

Second, for those readers who are both still reading at this point and living in CT (I’m looking at you, Bill), we turn briefly to Linda vs. Dick.  After rising from 20 points down to 7 point down, Linda has settled around 10-12 points down depending on which poll you use.  It looks now like Democrats are leading in the Governor and Senate races but struggling in the 5th Congressional district (the seat currently held by Rep. Chris Murphy).

At this point, I expect Dick Blumenthal’s lead to get wider and Dan Malloy’s (Democrat for Governor) to get smaller.  Tom Foley (Republican for Governor) is making a slightly negative but effective push toward the end of the election.  Dan Malloy and Linda McMahon seem to be struggling from a similar strategy.  Though they made headlines and waves early in the election season, it is difficult to maintain the momentum and both are “coming down” a week too early.

This has been an intensely negative campaign season.  Linda has been attacking Dick Blumenthal’s trustworthiness and personal demeanor.  Tom Foley has attacked Dan Malloy’s record, background, home improvement project(s) and the town of Stamford.  Malloy has matched with ads of his own.  He fought back with ads that attack Foley’s yacht, home, resume, salary and friendship with the Bushes.  It seems only Blumenthal has tried to maintain a borderline positive campaign.  While he has a few of the typical negative ads, his have been more infrequent and relevant to politics compared to everyone else.

Right now, I’m supporting Chris Murphy for Congress, Dan Malloy for Governor and I’m still undecided in the Senate race (believe it or not).  Though, if I had to guess the winners, I would think Sam Caliguri (Murphy’s opponent), Malloy and Blumenthal will win.

I don’t have much to say about Linda vs. Dick, but even still, I’ll save that for tomorrow.


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