Election Night: Failed blog promise but possible second career

Admittedly, I was not able to keep up my hope of tracking the Connecticut Senate race this season and in somewhat anti-climatic but strong fashion, Senator-elect Richard Blumenthal has won.  Though it briefly closed within about 5+ points a few weeks ago, the McMahon campaign ended up being so expensive and negative I think many potential Linda voters simply did not vote.  Not sure.  One way or the other, Blumenthal holds the CT Senate seat formerly held by Democrat Chris Dodd.

In other news, I’m now 13-1 on Slate.com’s Lean/Lock prediction game.  So, I wasn’t disciplined enough to keep up with the McMahon-Blumenthal race the way I wanted too.  Perhaps I should stop guessing NFL games each weekend in the hopes of winning a free Chipotle burrito and instead start predicting elections every 2 years.  The only race I’ve missed so far (based on those being called by Slate) is Senator-elect Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire.  Instead of proving that I know anything about national polling (which I don’t), I think this just proves how much guessing really occurs with these things.

Similarly, anytime you put people on TV for hours and hours, there are bound to be some interesting and borderline ridiculous things being said, and with pundits tonight is their New Year’s Eve.  Crazy things I’ve heard/seen so far:

  1. Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC said that Rand Paul is now in a position to end this experiment we call America because one of the first votes he’ll have in the Senate will be whether or not to raise the US debt ceiling.  If he does, he goes against everything he campaigned on.  If he filibusters the “raise the ceiling” vote, the United States will default on our loans.  Get ready America because, according to MSNBC, America will expire soon and Rand Paul is to blame. (O’Donnell conveniently didn’t mention that Paul could just vote against it without filibustering and avoid the whole issue.  Huh? But that wouldn’t have made for compelling TV now would it?)
  2. A “tweet map” on CNN showing the relative tone of anti-Tea Party tweets by state.
  3. Tea Party candidates are willing to run separate campaigns from Republicans in 2012 if “things don’t change.” Apparently said by Palin on Fox News and confirmed by CNN. (What does that even mean? And who will measure that? Palin?)
  4. Did you know that Senator Thune (R-SD) was running unopposed?  Pretty amazing in this political climate.
  5. MSNBC is monitoring the success of candidates endorsed by Sarah Palin.  Apparently she’s 2-5, right now.
  6. Also, I watch CNN, almost exclusively, on nights like this, but Sarah Palin has been on Fox News for the last hour.  I can only assume some of the gems I’ve been missing.  (Before GOP/Tea Partiers get to riled up, Keith Olbermann is sitting next to Chris Matthews on MSNBC which probably has led to some amazing “sparks” as well. Unfortunately, I’ve missed most of them, in an effort to avoid alienating my wife with my own repeated, exasperated commentary.)

It looks like Harry Reid’s seat is too close too call but he is leading.  Even though the GOP has taken the House, it looks like Dems will keep the Senate and Reid will remain Senate majority leader.  It will be interesting to see how an overwhelmingly Republican House will deal with a Democratic Senate and President Obama in the White House.

I think voters “split the baby” tonight.  America is forcing House Republicans to figure out how to be more than obstructionists in a system set up to favor the White House’s leverage and Senate’s political power.

Also, though I don’t have the time to comment tonight, it is interesting to see how certain Independents faired today.  So far, the two I was most interested in – Lincoln Chafee running for Governor in R.I. and Charlie Crist who lost a Senate bid in FL – don’t seem to be going well for the Independents.  Oddly, in Colorado, Tancredo (running as an Independent) has over 35% of the vote and though, while he’ll probably lose, he finished well above the GOP candidate who currently has approximately 9%.  Interesting.

If I keep watching, I’ll just keep typing and this will turn into some sorta running diary of my election night viewing.  (Even more than it already has).


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