T-minus 6 days, 34 minutes and counting…

CNN and the New York Times are reporting that a 6 or 7 day bridge has been reached that will fund the federal government for a short time while a “longer term” deal is reached.  “Longer term” here refers to the next 5 months.  Forget next fiscal year, or the one after that, or the next 20 years.  We cannot even figure out a budget that covers the current baseball season.  Boehner is pictured on several websites smiling.  Really? Should we be proud of this?  I really don’t think this accomplishes much of anything.  Frankly, I don’t see why any of these individuals should be leaving the office right now.  The heavily lifting is not over. They just took a break for gatorade and orange slices.  Fair enough.  But tomorrow morning, they better be back at work.


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