That’s what I said…

On May 17th, I posted my thoughts about the relationship between home building, renting and our generation.  At the time, I wasn’t able to articulate my thoughts on a new trend showing that home construction is slowing.  Well, give it two weeks and wait for Slate to publish a better version…and whalla.

Annie Lowrey was able to write basically what I was trying to say, but better.

“But it is conclusive: Not everyone should own a home. The recession has helped erode the stigma against renting, with about 70 percent of Americans now admitting that it has advantages over buying a house. If people are making unsentimental decisions about whether homeownership is really worth it for them, that is at least one small benefit of the housing bubble bursting.”

Anyway, I heard from a few readers that I did not articulate my ideas or tie together the entire post.  So, here’s the link to the Slate piece and perhaps a more focused look at the topic:

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