CNN article channels ‘being stuck in the middle’

The headline caught my attention immediately.  Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to fully digest and react to this piece but I wanted to pass it along as soon as possible.  Here’s why:

“They voted for Obama because he seemed like a different kind of leader, and then opposed him two years later because he ended up being not that different at all. ”

I talk to more and more people that seem to feel this way – frustrated, confused and disappointed – as if there’s no “change” in sight.

Here’s more:  “If you had to put a label on them, it would most likely be independent, but there are also some Republicans and Democrats in the group. Political consultants are frustrated by them because they’re unpredictable. But if you ask them, they’ll make it perfectly clear what they’re looking for. They’re looking for results from their leaders, not rhetoric, because they want government to work. To that same end, they’re looking for value, not values, from Washington, because they want to know the tax dollars they are sending to our Nation’s capital are being put to good use and providing some sort of return.”

The author’s conclusion is “common sense policy solutions.”

Is anyone listening?



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