Pre-debate Question: Topic Rick Perry

Imagine for a moment that you’re watching some cheesy sci-fi movie on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  The main character is an inventor and/or a misunderstood college professor (think Son of Flubber, the 1963 Fred MacMurray classic) that was attempting to create a time machine and instead miraculously created a machine that could combine two people into one person.  That’s right.  This machine would choose attributes from each person and combine them at just the right levels to make a believable, fully operational human being that represented both people but was only one person.

Now, take Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann and put them in the machine.  I’m not really sure how those two would end up accidentally entering this machine.  In the plot of the movie perhaps it’s mistaken for a voting booth at a political debate being held at the absent-minded professor’s college.  Sorry, I’m getting off track.

So Romney and Bachmann accidentally end up walking into this machine and the oblivious stagehand spills his coffee/Coca-Cola/bottled water on the machine and it springs into action.  After the fake fog settles, who walks out?

Rick Perry.

I mean, it’s not that far off right.  He’s got Mitt Romney’s pro-business, pro-jobs, “I’ve got all my hair and it looks great” thing going on which attracts the sensible, practical, fiscal Republicans (those that still exist).  He’s got Michele Bachmann’s social conservative, evangelical, psuedo-libertarian, Fox News loves me thing going on which attracts the devote and motivated religious right.


He’s from Texas.

I would think that the GOP would be ecstatic to have a candidate that seems to play to the strengths of both the other top candidates but in one (white male) person.  On the other hand, we just had a two term President from Texas and let’s be honest, America is not ready to elect another Governor from Texas.  Too soon.  Too soon.

So, I guess it’s really two questions:

1). Am I crazy or is Rick Perry the combination of Romney and Bachmann?

2). America is not going to elect another Governor from Texas, right? Right? RIGHT? RIGHT?

Your thoughts?

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