Detroit as the mirror of America?

According to author/thinker/colleague/friend/activist/blogger/Detroit Revitalization Fellow (and all around great guy) Bradford Frost, the difference between adversity and opportunity is one of timing.  When viewed in our “windshield” its adversity, when viewed in our “rear view” it was an opportunity.

His blog, the Detroit Opportunity Project, is one that The Pickle has mentioned before and is a topic very close to his heart.   (In fact, he’s committing his life to seeing it through).

His most recent post explores our collective response to Adversity.  As someone who seeks out adversity into order to conquer it, Brad has committed himself to confronting all forms of inequality, promoting social justice, and advocating Detroit’s bright future.  This post highlights and celebrates Detroit’s long journey from Adversity to Opportunity.   It’s a must read.

I cannot help but see the parallels between Detroit and America.  The Adversity question is one that everyone from Wall Street bankers to unemployed college graduates to the President of the United States is considering on a daily basis.  Undoubtably, Detroit has unique obstacles and challenges to overcome.  Detroit’s road to Opportunity is all its own.  Yet Brad’s lessons ring true for every American.  Please check out his passion, insight and vision:


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