Perry Out. And there were…2

CNN broke the news that Rick Perry will be dropping out of the GOP Presidential primary.  Or as is now the custom “suspending” his campaign “indefinitely” (see, Michele Bachmann).  Classic.  For once, at least, it was breaking news.  Well, it is if you don’t count the fact that its been obvious for like two weeks.  No, but seriously, for the last 2 weeks who was the guy saying “He’s right in the mix here.” Perhaps only Perry’s campaign manager and I bet even he was skeptical after NH.

Slate then mistakenly reported “and then there were four.” Really? Don’t they mean 2.  Santorum? Paul? I mean, they are still running in as much as they are spending money, giving speeches and on the ballot.  But otherwise, any chance Perry wants to be Veep, negotiated his exit or has any political credibility left? Probably not.  Just throwing it out there.  You never know.

Ok. Fair enough.  Sometimes you do.

One response to “Perry Out. And there were…2

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