We’re back. Explanation needed?

In some ways, it was best to take a break from The Political Pickle about 18 months ago. Working hard in a new job, spending time with a new daughter, and becoming frustrated (cynical?) with the political climate, I decided to stop the small experiment that was this blog.  Over the last 18 months I basically dismissed politics and chalked everything coming out of Washington as smoke-and-mirrors.

More recently, I have felt the tug to get back into amateur political observation.  The upcoming 2016 Presidential election partly to blame, I also have been moved back several large social shifts in the last few months and year – law enforcement boundaries, race relations, gun violence and same-sex marriage, just to name a few.

And while I still have a time-consuming job, an energetic daughter and my healthy skepticism of politics, I enjoy writing and the outlet for my thoughts on today’s issues.  I think I need this. We’ll see if it lasts.

Enough said.


2 responses to “We’re back. Explanation needed?

  1. So glad the the Pickle is back in action. Its important to have some guidance as we sort thru the 19,532 presidential candidates for the 2016 race. And you only have 1 energetic daughter. Try having 3!

    • I couldn’t help myself. On one hand, I’ve always been saying American politics needs more qualified candidates. Now I’m left wondering if the key word is qualified or if this will ultimately be a good thing? We’ll see. Good luck with the girls! I know the only free time you have is probably for sleep, but hopefully you can fit some politics and comedy in there too. Cheers.

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