The adult in the room theory

In some ways, it is not my theory and yet you would think more people would be talking about it.  Unless, of course, you had a vested interest in keeping the ludicrous cycle of clicks and sound bytes flowing.  But I digress. This is not about this author, who has fewer readers than Martin O’Malley, being smarter than cable news commentators. This is about why Hillary Clinton is going to win the Presidency of the United States.

I kept waiting for someone or something to prove me wrong. I aired the theory at several dinners with friends and family. Still, I’m finding the mainstream media unwilling or unable to state the following: the Republican candidates for the Party’s nomination do not appear serious or, in other cases, capable. The serious one (read, Jeb! Bush) is pushed to the back of the line and discounted. The capable ones (read, John Kasich and Chris Criste) are either mocked or taunted. The young, pretty one (read, Marco Rubio) is careful not to say anything of substance…ever. The smart one (read, Ted Cruz) is disliked and not representative of the American people or any people. The woman (read, Carly Fiorina) is not allowed to be on stage, though that may be ABC News’ fault, and has some questions of leadership and decision-making. The non-politicians (read, really?) are the definition of half-hearted and inexperienced. And this is not a partisan piece. Yes, I’m purposely targeting the weakest point of each candidate but there is something here. It’s like that moment at a restaurant when you cannot decide between 3-4 dishes and inevitably whichever one you pick, the salmon, you feel like you are missing the better choice.  I’ll leave it to you to decide which candidate is the filet.

The point is this – who is the adult in the room? When things get serious in, I-don’t-know, the general election, the American people are want to go with strength and stability. If the election were today, we have a problem. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the most experienced and traditionally prepared for the job, is having trouble with appearing “too political” (accepting money from Goldman Sachs while threatening to be tough on Wall Street) and likable. It is unclear if push comes to shove whether the American people need the president to be likable.  Ever since Ronald Reagan, it would appear the answer is yes.

There in lies the rub. The Republicans might not consolidate around their adult.  Or they might not have one. Or the donors/media coverage/voters might not let the Party pick one. If the GOP doesn’t send a clear message, the voters will be left with only one option. HRC.

Her likability, her fluid relationship with the email classification, her inability to connect and her history with her husband will not matter when things get serious. We vote for the adult in the room. Bottom line.

A lot can happen in 7 months. 7 months ago Tom Brady was suspended for 4 games, Peyton Manning was coming off injury, Andrew Luck was a top fantasy football draft pick and the over/under on Carolina Panthers wins was like 7.5.  A lot can change in 7 months. An election is no different than a football season.  It’s why we watch the games.  Only with elections its for keeps. A minimum of 4 years with an option for 4 more and a place in history. #45.

We like entertainment and drama as much as the next civilized country. So, we allow the Bernies and Donalds and others to hang out when it’s cold (in part of the country) and we indulge our imagination, but that’s all it is. An indulgence.

Though the media echo chamber makes it hard to hear in the moment, it feels a lot like an intelligent lawyer, U.S. Senator, and Secretary of State rises to the top when things get serious…and they always get serious.

Unless something drastic changes, we vote for the adult in the room and that is HRC.



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