Explaining The Pickle

So, as for the name, I understand it may take a bit of explaining. The Potter Political Pickle was quickly decided after an evening of back and forth between a friend and political ally, my wife and me.  The idea for a political blog is based on the theory of “put your money where your mouth is.”  I’ve been a political observer for a long time.  I trace it back to high school and the combination of a passionate civics teacher and the Clinton impeachment proceedings.  However, as a political science major, I tended to gravitate toward the middle, moderate, center, or whatever you’d like to call it.  I’d like to point out that this doesn’t necessarily mean my opinions are middle of the road, rather some opinions are on one side and some on the other.

I’ve often said that my generation is largely focused on practicality and measurable impact in the real world.  We’re not overly concerned with individuals’ private lives and social values but much more concerned with being responsible and making a difference.  As the older generations and current political parties move toward the poles and become more extreme, a growing number of people are getting disgusted with petty politics and watered-down legislation.  However, the system is set up through the party infrastructures and primary elections to encourage politicians to win “the base” first.  As a result, the politician who ultimately gets elected does not represent 40-60% of the populous.

I was looking for an avenue or medium to publish some thoughts around public policy, law and the future of American politics.  Similar to the political version of Bill Simmons’s “The Boston Sports Guy” blog (with far less talent and comedic value), I wanted to start from scratch with political writings, observations and thoughts.   In our world of product branding, marketing, and exposure, I knew a name was important.  I immediately tried to be professional and polished, which resulted in seriously boring names; however, we (my personal brain trust mentioned earlier) decided it needed a metaphor.  I immediately thought of sports metaphors – Hail Mary, triple play, curveball, and other far less interesting.  It was my friend who came up with the idea of the political pickle.   Obviously, it works on many levels.  First, it’s a baseball metaphor.  Second, it implies being caught semi-powerless between the two organized and more powerful parties (those with the ball).  Third, generally speaking, it requires a mistake or an error on the part of the fielders and speed or just plain luck on the part of the runner to get out of the pickle.  Lastly, it’s simple.  So simple that anyone who’s played tee ball or little league can appreciate what it feels like.

So, the only goal for the site is to disseminate ideas and thoughts, which move forward the political conversation in this country.  As independent thinkers and politicians grow in popularity, I’d like to see greater diversity and flexibility in how we approach politics and problem solving.  Incentivize the behavior or policy that benefits society and minimize the petty politics and stalemates that often dominate so-called “Washington politics.”


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